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Hyago Ferreira

Web Developer passionate about developing accessible and intuitive websites.

JavaScriptTypeScriptReactNextPythonNodeMySQLGraphQLJavaSpring Framework / Boot
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3 years of experience


3 years of experience


3 years of experience


3 years of experience


3 years of experience


3 years of experience


3 years of experience


2 years of experience


3 years of experience

Git / Github

3 years of experience

Featured Projects

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Ícone para enfeitar o título do projetoHiveFeed

Built a social media platform where people can chat, connect, and have awesome conversations.

TypeScriptHTMLReactNextMySQLTailwindCSSNodeHTMLGit / GithubPostgreSQL
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Ícone para enfeitar o título do projetoHFCamp

Fun application that allows you to view campgrounds with a short description. Once you login or signup you can begin to create your own campgrounds that includes a title, image address and short description.

JavaScriptMongoDBNodeExpressGit / GithubHTMLCSS




CuraJOY logo
@ CuraJOY

Web Developer Intern

jan 2023mai 2023 • (4 months)

• Developed a new feature, Quest Depot, to provide families with a more engaging and realistic experience on the platform. • Implemented 3D avatars on the website to add a personal touch and make the experience more immersive. • Worked towards the launch of Quest Depot, which was expected to improve user engagement and satisfaction based on initial user testing and feedback.


JavaScriptTypeScriptHTMLTailwindCSSReactNextRemixGit / GithubMySQL
COBS Bread logo
@ COBS Bread

Sales Assistant

out 2022mai 2023 • (7 months)

• Managed customer interactions and provided excellent customer service. • Developed strong interpersonal skills by communicating with customers, answering their questions, and recommending products. • Boosted customer satisfaction to 95% and sales by 15% through effective interactions, gaining valuable insights into customer needs.


CommunicationPresentation SkillsPatienceQuick LearnerMultitasking
C.A.C Engineering S/A logo
@ C.A.C Engineering S/A

Civil Engineer Intern

jun 2020dez 2020 • (6 months)

• Effectively managed construction projects, overseeing work progress, maintaining work diaries, requisitioning materials, monitoring material costs, and coordinating service conferences.


Active ListeningQuick LearnerMultitasking

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